Seoul trip

Korea trip [1] First day in Seoul

These days, there’s always a voice whispering in my mind every evening, telling me to type out my Seoul trip! But well, every evening when I’m back from work, there is always something keeping me staring at the screen instead of typing!

But finally today, the voice is not whispering anymore, it’s screaming LOL So I think it’s time I typed out the trip or else the memories will soon fade away day by day, which I totally don’t like.

Yesterday, I found on my bookshelf the book “Korea-travel guide”,which I used a lot during my Seoul trip. What a surprise since I was always thinking that I had lost it with the luggage. And turning the pages again definitely makes me miss Seoul so much!

Think that I should start from the very beginning in order not to miss any detail. Still remember the morning I caught a taxi to Noi Bai Airport to take a flight to Seoul. Can’t believe that I’ve lived in Hanoi for more than 4 years but have never been to the airport. So this was the first time I came to the airport, the first time taking a flight, the first time going abroad and definitely the first time coming to Seoul 🙂 What a trip, huh?

It was quite sunny and warm on that day in Hanoi; but heard that it might rain in Seoul, so I put the Airen-colored umbrella in my backpack in case I needed it when arriving. I still remember the moment the plane lifted up into the air! What an amazing feeling when you can look at your town through the clouds~ The sky was so beautiful and I kept staring at the plane window for a while before falling asleep. When I woke up, it was probably China under my feet!

I know my real trip begin when I stepped out of the airport, alone, with 40kg of luggage and a zero-equal Korean knowledge! Too busy checking out, getting back luggage and asking for bus station that I didn’t pay attention to any banner or billboard, so temporarily no sight of Seunggi. It was so cold outside, compared to Hanoi just 5 hours before that. The bus was nice but the way to Seoul is way too long; it was raining slightly outside; and I kept wondering what would happen next! But I saw bridges aross Hangang River! Love them 🙂 On the bus, I got to see the first sight of Seunggi when SBS was showing their add for 10 memorable dramas, also seeing Sugeun’s CF. Everything is fine until I got off.

When I reached Mia Samgeori, I really had no idea where I had to go after, totally depending on a few Korean words in my notebook which my friend wrote for me. Feel so bad at this moment! But the first thing to solve after getting off is to cross the street! A lot of taxi cars kept passing and no crossing section in sight. To be honest, I was completely lost before realizing that I had to walked a bit to find the zebra crossing!
The first taxi driver passed me when seeing my luggage! The second taxi driver stopped and let me in, but showed his disappointment apparently when he found out that I do not speak Korean. I showed him the paper with a phone number and the place I want to get off. He was old, and had to stop, taking out his glasses, looking at it so closely. He refused to call my friend for me, but at least took me to the place I need (of course, I didn’t understand a word he said). One more time, I got off at a place I totally had no idea where it is. Two boys standing nearby so I asked them a favor to make a phone call, they just caught the words “phone call”, I guess 🙂 but they were so nice and tried to help me. And DAMN COLD~ there were small snow flakes for some moments also, I think!

So finally after 3 hours, I gotta go inside, eat and sleep! It was my very first day in Seoul!
A little worried and confused! Stuck with language barrier! Too much body language in just a few hours! But everything was fine 🙂

On the second day, I took subway to Honggik University! The day before, I didn’t see the yellow leaves on the street clearly. But the second day, with day light, I was amazed by how beautiful the streets were.

Within the morning, I managed to carry my luggage downstairs at Mia Station, changing to line 2 at Dongdaemun History and Culture Park station and walked to IWO office with the map they had gave me via email. Since it was the first time using subway to me, a few tiny problems as well, but it was all fine in the end! Met a few participants of the course in the office and we even had a walk around before catching a public bus together to Paju at 4pm.

Around Honggik University:

Arrived in Paju when it had got dark! The course and people at the course is just another story!

Lee Seung Gi Concert 2010 [3] Rocker Seung Gi

But I guess all these MGID, dancing, norebang things are still not the concert theme! It’s rock that is the theme, that’s why he showed up as a rocker in the concert posters!
As I told someone outside the venue before the concert that I had never been to concert except for rock shows! I had always been in love with rock, I told you~ And now what is better for me than seeing him as a rocker on stage? The only thing prevented me from enjoying the whole performance may be his outfit again! Such an endless story~ Anyway, again, he did look great, with red gloves!

The stage was filled with red and green light!

I was so so so so so loving his singing rock! I am still amazed by how powerful his voice can be! When he sang “Because you’re my woman” rock version, I felt like we were coming back to his very first performance at which he sang the song with his 17 year old husky voice! No wonder Nikki said her heart was melting during the song~ oh our dear eonni!

And people just can not sit during a show rock, rite? Right when the first rock song, my mind is saying “sit sit, you can’t stand while ppl are sitting” but my mind just can’t control my body anymore! STAND UPPP! Haha, and I guess all ppl around me also has their bodies diso… as well. Everybody in Floor section stood up and jumped!!

Is it a shame if I tell you I don’t know Beohwal even after the concert? LOL
Just because I’m not a Kpop listener and before the concert, I was not frequently visiting Seunggi sites, so totally didn’t get the information that he would feat a legendary rock band. Just when I came back to Vietnam and talked to my sister, I realized what I had missed LOL

It doesn’t have so many things to talk about the rock part! Just you have to be there and enjoy! He sang continuously for 8 songs and his voice remain powerful until the last “Let’s go on a trip” when he change into simple vest and the concert T-shirt inside. The rough Seunggi seems to be contrary to the cute dancing man just a few minutes ago!

The last one is “Never ending story” while he began to get teary! I was really praying that he wouldn’t cry~ And he was really just teary, saying thank you to all the fans. For the last minutes when I knew the concert was going to end, I tried to stare at him as much as possible, knowing that he’s going to disappear!

Then finally the concert ended. We came a long way and now it was over! We met outside, try to linger as long as possible because we simple didn’t want to say goodbye. And if we continued talking about the concert, I’m afraid that we could stand there until forever LOL So finally we decided that we should head to the subway station so that not to miss the last trains of the day!

I would say that it’s a lifetime experience to attend his concert right in Seoul! We loved and we fought for it, we reached and we got, we said “hi” and now “goodbye”. Hate to admit the truth but we have to. After the concert, I just kept thinking when I can stop loving this boy, my biggest exception of all time!

Fall in Seoul

So we continue with part 2 of Fall in Seoul. Actually I myself don’t know how many parts we can have for this topic LOL It can be forever >_<

These below are the photos which I like less than the ones in previous post; but anyway, they are just here to complete another post of "Fall in Seoul". So just enjoy them, ppl ^^

Haart’s favorite photos from Seoul

So, there will be a miss if I don’t show anything else from my Korea trip except for the concert. I took 1500 photos in total and was a little lost to decide which to post! Instead of turning this blog into a travel blog, actually I’ll turn it into a photo blog! Just photos and photos~
And now, with “upgraded technology” of posting images from Ann, you can download the photos with full size just by right clicking them/save image as :). Too late only now I know how to do it ^^

Anyway, let’s enjoy the fall in Seoul with me.

That is just a small part from my collection. Will continue later with more Seoul photos >_<

Lee Seung Gi Concert 2010 [2]

5 4 2 3 1 ……………..

The lights went out, music was on! But he was nowhere to be found! Then suddenly he appeared in the front stage by a lift from the floor, singing “Love taught me to drink”.

Cuz I sat quite near the front stage, he was like right in front of me! I didn’t plan it, but I bursted into tears right when he appeared. Just he was so close, right in front of my eyes. Don’t know if two gals sitting next to me saw that I cried during the first song! But I really did! Rememer what little sister told me “if you cry, you can not see him clearly”, so I tried to hold it for the next songs!

After “Love taught me to drink”, there comes one of my favourite “I’ll cry out”. He dressed in a black vest and his voice was so perfect like in CDs!

I guess the first part is ballad, he sang also “White lie” “Please” “Let’s break up” “Words are hard to say” “Because you are my woman” “Just one time” (Actually I can’t remember the song list so I have to look at the program somebody posted before ^^)

After that is the MGIG part! The BTS is on the screen! So in love with the last part when they showed his smiles after some serious screens!! Ahh, Seunggi ahhhh
The MGIG theme started here. He sang and dance “Losing my mind” with cuteness overload again! Love bullets overload! No Min Woo sang his theme song in MGIG, and Lee Sun Hee sang “Fox rain” and “The person I love” so perfectly.

When Seunggi sang “From now on I love you”, Shin Min Ah appeared on the stage, smiling and then doing nothing more! I expected that they could do a duet but nothing! But she is so beautiful;

the whole cast appeared on stage and their talked seemed to be endless to me!

Please sing, don’t speakkkkk! To support more the MGIG theme, the guest singers (Lyn and BongGu) sang “Two as one” OMG, I was so in love with their duet even before that I didn’t really pay attention to this song in MGIG!

End of MGIG part here!! Let’s start another one! The singing and dancing Seunggi is backkk~

After “Will you marry me” and “Like the first time”, he changed jacket right on stage and wore a pair of silver gloves. With other two dancers, he taught fans to do some simple moves to support the next dance! I was so in love with “Ole ole” and totally support bringing it into the concert! A fast and fun song~ Before this song, he was like asking if anybody can lend him a towel LOL I doubt if this fan may keep that towel unwashed forever!

A lot of cuteness in his dance this time LOL he made several cover from SNSD Gee, Tell me your wish and even Hoot!!

The trot + norebang part is so funny. They reminded us of 2007 concert “Lucky Bee”, 2009 “Shabang shabang” to lead into this part. Koreans really can’t get rid of trot music, huh? LOL And he really did a magic trick during the “Sister” performance! Haha, he burned a piece of paper and it suddenly turned into a rose!! It’s too fast, but I hope somebody can catch a photo of it!

Everything of the dancing songs, norebang is all so good except for his white shirt! Don’t know exactly what to call it; I understand they were trying to make it look classic and make him look like a prince! But instead, I thought he was more like a gay knight LOL
Luckily our boy looks good in anything, we had a lot of experiences in this situation, rite?

Rock part.. [To be continued]

Lee Seung Gi Concert 2010 [1] Anticipating

After losing 89.000 with Interpark and losing almost all my luggage with City Air Limousine, I realized that maybe Seoul is not the city for me. It didn’t treat me well. Anyway, the concert at the end of the trip saved it all. I got to see SG with my own eyes and met a lot of lovely Airens.

So I’ll start my concert experience with hope of lifting up my mood right at this moment! Actually most of this was typed on my plane back home. Recalling the concert is like the only thing I can do to forget about the loss I faced.

So on the day of the concert, I started at 11:30 from Mia to Insadong, wanting to buy some small gifts for people at home. However, when I reached Mia station, one international Airen already called and asked if I wanted to meet up with Natt in Insadong!! I still don’t know who called me at that time, I thought it was Li yieng but it didn’t sound like her voice, so I thought it must be Nikki, but it didn’t seem to be her either LOL Anyway, I texted Li yieng; and she, Lilian, Natt and another Thai fan are all having lunch together near Anguk station. What a coincidence, so we decided to go to the venue together at 1:30pm from Anguk. Actually, I was about to text Li yieng before to make sure how to get to the venue. How lucky I came with them, they already came the day before yesterday to stalk the rehearal. We are all excited on the subway, Lilian told me how they managed to get into the stadium the day before and how they heard his voice and saw him from far away.

Finally, we reach Olympic Park station, seeing many other fans coming to the concert as well. A lot of them are ajummas holding big posters of SG LOL

We walked together through the park until seeing the stadium and a big banner with his FUBU photo outside.

Of course, the next thing that any fangirl can do is to take photos with his banner LOL.

Outside the stadium, there were several booths, one is for The Saem display, and they give samples and free big posters to fans. One booth was selling goodies including bags, shirts, cups, light sticks…  However, I didn’t really pay attention to any of these booths, the one I looked for the most is Interpark.

While waiting for Interpark to start delivering tickets at 3pm, we hung around, chatting and recognizing. How wonderful I met tryp, yon, purple1n2d, kr4ever and some more. SG fans are all so nice, especially the old unnies, it’s like they all wanted to take care of and help younger fans. I hope some of them are not too upset when reading these lines, seeing that I’m calling them old unnies LOL

Natt is looking for the fanclub to get her tickets, tryp is looking for Chine Café, and I went arguing with Interpark! As I predicted, no cancellation had been made!! So I got 2 tickets, huh? I and Lisa intend to sell off but actually we didn’t have enough patience and passion to sell, so we ended up throwing away one R- sided ticket and one S-middle ticket. Anyway, all others got VIP ticket while there are only I and Nikki got R. Waiting for DC eonni outside GS25 supermaket get my ticket, I and Nikki encouraged each other and cursed Interpark. Then I realized that I hadn’t got the free big Saem poster, I went asking for one but they had no more! Aww, would I really come home without any goodies? I spent 99.000 won for the new  ticket so I have no more money for the goodies, except for the free stuff.

When I came back to GS25, DC eonni called! She brought my ticket and gave us about ten big Saem posters. Lilian gave me 4, they’re damn big! But I think ppl at home must love it a lot, so let’s take them.

And guess what!! One big surprise of the day is I got VIP ticket, not R! Even though DC eonni has told me it’s VIP, I saw the price is 99.000won so I automatically thought it’s R only. And it’s the Floor ticket, I paid double, huh? LOL

Finally Nikki is like the only one who got R-ticket, but she’s still very happy I didn’t know what to do besides go asking the fanclub what I can get with a VIP. It’s a cheering towel, but ppl said I should get from DC LSG! Anyway, not important.

It’s already a quarter past 5 when I received my ticket, so I chatted with others a little more outside and then quickly joined the line for Floor/VIP.

The stadium was smaller than I thought! But with the experience with KBS front stairs, I soon realized that things always look bigger in cameras LOL.

I tried to look for Lilian and Li yieng but couldn’t find them, finally finding out that they’re besides the stage! More “VIP” than me :>> So I ended up sitting alone for the whole concert.

They showed his CFs on the screens. I had never been into his dance in KB Card CF, so I think I watched it only once in the past… but after watching it for several times there, I thought “not too bad” LOL

His commercial smile made ppl “oh, ah” as usual; but it’s not until 20min past 6 that the concert started.

They showed a screen from “Brilliant Legacy” for a few seconds then and X sign, then the screen from 1N2D, X, MGIG, X only when the screen when he sang norebang in the bus during 1N2D school trip then “O” sign appeared. Haha, ok, forget Hwan, forget Seunggi the MC, forget Daewoong, let’s enjoy Seunggi the Singer, huh? LOL

Then the cast of 1N2D appeared on the main screen to introduce and asked if people were ready or not; then the countdown was so thrilling LOL


[To be continued]