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Off-line Mode for one week

Gosh, I really have to stay away from Soompi, Youtube, 1N2DForum, WordPress,… for at least 7 days to run and run with my thesis.

I won’t post or comment anything otherwise I’ll be hooked again and can’t never find my way out.

Hope I’ll be back in time to celebrate 400th page at Soompi, finish the vid project, translate ep 61,…

See you soon in the near future!

Seunggi’s letter after Baeksang Award

Seung Gi’s letter at Airen Fanclub Cafe

To the fans who gave me the Baeksang Popularity Award, thank you^^!!
From Seunggi

Today was another day that became a very happy day^^
I returned home with a happy heart and immediately am leaving you a message…

I should be used to awards ceremonies by now…
Because I received first place in the voting, it is true that I went to the awards
ceremony with a lot of anticipation.^^*ㅋㅋ
That is why I continually practiced at home what I would say…
At least this time, I would say all the people I wanted to thank!!
Thus, I went in depending on this…

However, after seeing the other sunbaes (more experienced actors) and then
settling into my seat… I felt like my heart was going to burst..^^;;;;;;;
That is why even though I had practiced so much to definitely mention the names
of our fanclub “Airen” and “DCinside Lee Seung Gi Gallery” who really put in so
much effort this time… Crazily, I did not get to mention this…
I sincerely apologize to you for this..ㅠㅠ

However, you fans know how truly thankful I am to all of you, right~~~?????!!!!
Really, you have to know this~!!!!ㅋㅋ

I believe that this Baeksang Popularity Award was given to me by all of you.
In particular, I want to say thank you again to the fans at the ceremony
who were not self-conscious at all and kept screaming ‘Lee. Seung. Gi.’ ^^*

Despite being there among all those actor sunbaes, I was able to receive
my award in a cool fashion without being disheartened because of all of you^^!!!
I will continue to put myself in your care!!!!! ㅋㅋ

Also to Airen, DCinsde Gallery fans, Emo Café fans, SeungGi Love Sunhee Love fans
And all the fanclubs that support and love Lee Seung Gi

From now on, I am thinking of using the one name Airen for future events.
I understand that each of the cafes and its activities may be different,
but all of you are people who are supporting and rooting for me, and it seems
that these are divided up in ways that are not necessarily easily defined.
From now on, I will refer to and communicate through the one “Airen” name. ^^!!

Not only the official café fans, but with all the various cafes…
many of you have been so curious about this…
though not daily, but I am peeking in online from time to time…
So let’s not go about saying a certain café has registered ~~
which have not registered ~~ (Mong hyung’s versionㅋㅋ)

My hope is that everyone will walk together on the same road with one heart^^*
It has absolutely nothing to do with taking care of certain fans more
or certain fans less~! I know full well the hearts of all of you who support me
And I am very thankful to all of you.^^!!

Ah and to the hyungs and donseng fans who support Lee Seung Gi!!
Because I’m a guy too, I can imagine it might be a bit embarrassing or hard for male
fans to show support for male celebrities, so I am very thankful to you guys too!
I will continue to put myself in your care, Hyungs!! ㅋㅋ (and Dongsengs too~!)

Lastly, to the fans who were hoping for the triple crown…
I am happy thinking about even just the love you have given me. ^^
Beyond the popularity award, the other nominees were fully qualified
and I think that very qualified sunbaes received the awards..^^

Some of you fans may feel a bit disheartened,
But I think that proceeding incrementally, step by step is better.
I sincerely congratulate all the sunbaes who were awarded today~~!!!!
Really everyone, all the actors at the ceremony are impressive people.^^!!! ㅋ

I was able to attend this wonderful event and on top of that,
able to win an award because of our fans. I want to thank you once again,
and because of all of you, I am strong and confident.
I really don’t know how I can repay this love…
Really, without using my head,
And with the “sincerity” I’m always striving for, I will seek to work hard.
Please continue to be great supporters..^^*

Have a good evening…
As soon as the drama is finalized,
I will prepare to show you another good side!!
I will work hard~!!!!
I love you..^^♡

(credit: leeseungki.com; leeseunggiworld.wordpress.com)
(English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

Seung Gi fighting! :))

E! Star Q10, are you kidding me?

Ok, people, it’s too much. This is the first time I have to posted twice in a few hours.

The Star Q10 controversy is driving me nuts. If somebody wants an overview, below is what tryp96@soompi  said, I think there’s no need to paraphrase cause that’s exactly what all of us think:

“According to the cafe’s statement, how the program portrayed SeungGi’s singing career was completely inaccurate, to say the least. They said that none of SeungGi’s songs ever got 1st place on music shows, and they also distorted SeungGi’s awards he received as a singer. They even used the word “humiliating” to describe SeungGi’s singing career! How can a TV program be so blatantly wrong and offensive?!

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think all of SeungGi’s title songs had gotten 1st place on some music shows. Just to list them, Because You’re My Woman from 1st album, Words Hard to Say from 2nd album, Please from 1st remake, White Lies from 3rd album, I’ll Give You All from 2nd remake, and Let’s Break Up from 4th album. And we all know that SeungGi has actually won a lot of awards as a singer, including the most recent Golden Disk. Seriously, don’t they do any research when they produce a show?!

Additionally, they also criticized SeungGi’s dancing pretty harshly. They were comparing SeungGi to some of the famous dance singers, and some of the things they said were, “unnatural”, “on a completely different (low) level as a dancer”, “can’t even bear to watch him dancing”, “it doesn’t seem like he’s had any training or practice”, “he’s not showing any improvement at all”… If these were said a few years ago, it would be fine. We all know dancing is not one of SeungGi’s strong suit. But if these people really did their research and watched any of SeungGi’s dancing clips from this past year, how can they still make this kind of comment?!”

Then the PD of this show give out a message: (translated by tryp96)
I am the producer of Star Q10.
In the episode on Lee Seung Gi that was broadcast on 3/24,
regarding the content,
there were some errors related to Lee Seung Gi’s songs and 1st place rankings.
This was due to a mistake of the production team.
We feel a great deal of regret to have caused any confusion to the audience.We have decided to re-edit the erroneous parts and then re-broadcast this episode.
We have also suspended playbacks of the videos on our webpage.
From now on, we will try to pay more careful attention and make greater effort in our broadcasts.

The Airen cafe then released another brief statement as a response to the producer’s message. It’s no joke!
“In the message, the producer only acknowledged the false information on SeungGi’s songs and 1st place rankings, but failed to address many of the other issues, such as the negative comments on SeungGi’s singing and dancing, some inappropriate and disrespectful references to SeungGi’s sunbaes, and the invasion of SeungGi’s privacy. This shows a lack of sincerity from the producer, and the Airens feel very disappointed, and would like the producer to issue an apology on the other issues as well. They should also either edit or delete the other inappropriate parts before they re-broadcast this episode. Otherwise, the Airens will absolutely oppose to any re-broadcast, and will continue to protest.

All orange lines are taken from tryp96’s posts at Soompi LSG thread

Fan writing about Seunggi oppa

Seung Gi and Ho Dong on 1N2D filming

As usual, I add something about Seunggi I’m particularly interested in. Below is a fan message on Nate writing about how she has come to 1n2d filming site and how she’s totally become a Seung Gi fan after that. That’s one of the most enjoyable things in the world, hearing a story about Seung Gi in real life, that he’s completely the same as on TV. :)) He’s not fake 😀

Hearing that the 1n2d members had come to KyunJu…
Since it’s close to where we live, my friends and I rushed there^^
Wow!  In my lifetime, seeing a celebrity right in front of my nose…
I was so happy ~~~
After watching the 1n2d filming… I totally became a Seunggi oppa fan!!!
Lee Seunggi oppa!!
omg~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!  Nothing even needs to be said!

Honestly, I’m a (9th grader?) who liked Jiwon oppa just a little bit more…
And at first, I felt a bit dismayed because Jiwon oopa wasn’t there, but….
There’s really nothing you can say after seeing Seunggi oppa in person!
Like you think a celebrity really is a celebrity….

He’s even taller than I had thought, and his face is really so small!  And his skin is so amazing…  that the ajumas behind me were asking whether he was wearing makeup, and if he isn’t can his face be so bright and shining like that, saying they’d have to check his face later on. And as the 1n2d members were leaving after filming, one ajumma ran over and patted him on the face… ah, I was so envious!!! And so it appears that he did not have makeup on.  seriously, what does he eat so that a guy’s skin actually looks like that…

After watching the 1n2d filming… I totally became a Seunggi oppa fan!!!
Mong oppa and Seunggi oppa greeted all the people as they passed by…
Seunggi oppa was very popular~  From ajumas to ajusshis… even the little kids…
and the guys really liked him too…

Even though they were probably tired from filming, he greeted each and every person, and waving first to the babies and little kids… it was really touching.

Seunggi oppa didn’t seem any different from his image on tv~ All the things people always say about him, like that he really seems kind, is handsome, so polite…
It really seemed the same when I saw him~

After seeing how he was yesterday, I totally became a 1n2d and Seunggi oppa fan!!!!

Taken from Lee Seung Gi Blog at lsgfan.wordpress.com

Liver Mania & Vietnam Airen

Ok, guys, long time no post!

Wanna share just two pics

Now after the news of him entering a new drama and the story plot is just so funny and promising, I can’t help myself from making a poster for the drama :)) I love photoshop with this guy so much, he makes me never tired of designing and editing! And I think this pic is surprisingly getting well with the theme of the drama. As if he was saying “Here, take my liver” … Ok, I’m just too excited right now!

Now Ha.art presents The Liver Mania…

The second pic I took this afternoon. I joined a small group of Seunggi and 1N2D fans at 360kpop to make some gifts for him and other cast members. These girls are really amazing, they make beautiful “non la” – Vietnamese traditional hats for people at 1N2D including 7 mems, Sanggeun, Na PD and Hun-seok. The animated pic they draw on them is so so cute and nice. We’re gonna wrap things up soon and the whole present package will soon be finished. Will post later to share… Now here is the scarf I knitted for Seunggi as a part of the package. Vietnam Airens, I hope we can organize and get together more in the future

Seunggi oppa, wish you sucsess in the new drama. I know you will never fail to amaze us. Way to go, oppa, fighting!!!

“Lee Seung Gi with Airen” new-found star

It’s really amazing, I think, when a Japanese fan of Seung Gi has just found out a star and name it “Lee Seung Gi with Airen”. What a nice gift for his birthday

It’s nice to hear this and also get to read his letter for Airen on Airen Fan Cafe 🙂 How thoughtful he is! And I can feel the bond between Seunggi and Airen.

Star Name : Lee Seung Gi with Airen

Right ascension : 05h 41m 40s

Declination : -02 ˚ 53′47 “

Distance : 272.93 light year

Credit: leeseunggiworld.wordpress.com

Seunggi ya, not everyone has a star named himself like this. So happy that Airen are always with you.And just to remind, the Tiger year-your year has come!

For a new Tiger year, wish Seung Gi and all the people at Lee Seung Gi thread@soompi.com luck and joys. Seung Gi will surely become a stronger tiger this year


Happy New Year greeting Seunggi left in the Airen Fan Cafe

Happy New Year~ I am in Japan~!! ───── From Seunggi

Hello to everyone at Airen. You’ve been well, right?? I should have sent my new year greetings to you while I was in Korea but because I was preparing for my fan meeting in Japan, I am sending you my greeting now~! Forgive me for being lazy ㅠㅠㅋ

I was thinking to send you my greeting once I returned to Korea, but because I’m so thankful to all of you for so many different things, I could not wait, and so I’m writing you right now after finishing my Japan fan meeting and before I go to sleep.!

First, starting from my 2010 birthday to the upcoming Valentines Day, I am so thankful to my fans for undeservedly thinking about and taking care of me~! I received the birthday presents and all the other things you sent me.

The figure that you had made in my image and the assorted clothes and hat… The fans who sent me personally prepared meat, chocolates, and the solangtang soup sent by fans who threatened me in cute way that I must eat it all by myself, and on top of that all the other many things you sent me, I thankfully received everything so don’t feel hurt thinking that I did not note all of this~~!!^^*ㅋ I promise~!! ㅋㅋㅋ

Also, more than anything, I was really touched by this gift… the Airens and Emo [Auntie] Fan Café who sincerely gathered donations for a patient with a heart disorder condition, and personally learning of the news that after the surgery the patient is healthy.

I am sincerely thankful to all my fans who continue to love me and for giving me such admirable and amazing determination and presents, Your presents make me bow my head to you.^^ The fact that these types of persons are my fans makes me very proud and even more confident. Just thinking that my fans are doing such wonderful works that I cannot necessarily do since there is only one of me and not ten of me makes me so happy and reassured. Again, I really want to say thank you to all the fans for choosing and donating to such a wonderful cause.

Even though I was not able to contribute in a big way, I feel that living in a manner where we can share with others that are different from us even in small ways has really made me become more humble and mature. I am thankful that you all share this same sentiment.

I respect the wisdom/guidance of my fans~!! I will also live in a way with composure that comes from those of you surrounding me.

Also, I know that many of you fans were very saddened regarding the promotion of the Repackage album. Both me and my company looked for some way to do something, so please know that it didn’t work out and that in a short while, even if it’s not on the stage on broadcast tv, I will prepare to make sure that I can share this with you!!^^* So please don’t be too saddened~~~!!^^*

Oh also ~! I had my Japan fan meeting today and because of you I was able to get through this fine with no problems. !!^^ And thank you so much to our fans who came from Korea ~!! Always be healthy and happy until the day there’s even better news to share with all of you.

I love you.
Thank you.^^

-Lee Seung Gi in Tokyo- ←something about this seems “dignified” ㅋㅋ [aka: slang for American slang “like someone’s got something going on”]

Bye Bye~~~♥

Translated by jkimj@soompi.com

Lee Seung Gi pond

As ramdom as the page itself, this post is about an infamous pond =))

Credit: 1Night 2Days fansub

It’s Lee Seung Gi pond

Hehe, OMG, this pond is certainly famous cause that’s where Seung Gi made his remarkable fall. I’m gonna re-watch this ep soon =))