Gu Family Book haart – made poster


Even I was a bit terrified by Suzy’s acting in Big which I caught only some first episodes, I couldn’t deny the thought that Seunggi pairing up with someone much younger than him cheers me up. And even I’m not a fan of sageuk + fantasy drama, I am hoping the best that Seunggi will be successful with this new experience.

So cheer for the upcoming drama:
(It’s so long since I last made a poster like this for Seunggi. Miss that time!)

GFB 1 photo Untitled-1.jpg

GFB 2 photo beastly.jpg

Please take out with credit. Thanks!

“My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox” fake poster

Wedding theme, k k k

I made it in more than1 hours but have already been waiting for nearly 2 hours to post in Soompi TT^TT . 10 more minutes or I’ll go to sleep and then post when I wake up 2morrow. Why does Soompi have to be down for maintenance right at this moment? >_<

Famous Princesses Cut

Ok, the collaboration finally sees its result. I and huhdanggi@soompi have decided to work together to sub the Lee Seung Gi Cut from Famous Princesses

And here is our first cuts from ep60