Seunggi 8th Debut Anniversary Project


Dear Airens,

June is coming soon and Seung Gi will soon celebrate one more milestone in his career. It’s been 8 years since he first sang “Because you are my girl” on his first music stage. A lot of tears and joys have been shared since that day. And we, as Airens, know that how hard he has been trying to be himself in the past 8 years.

So, we would like to invite everyone to send a congratulating message to him on this special occasion, to let him know he’s loved and supported by Airens all over the world. The messages will be complied in a video and sent to Seung Gi in a USB.

Please send your message following the instructions below:

1. Messages could be from any Airen, individuals or fan clubs.

2. Message is limited to 40-50 words.

3. Please indicate your name and country when sending the message

4. Message in English or Korean could be sent in these forms:

a) plain text: not more than 40- 50 words
b) jpeg: landscape and no more than 1 file(You can send in any form, even in the body of the email is ok. The jpeg file is for fans who want to do the graphics for their message.)
c) video: no longer than 15 seconds

5. Together with sending the message, it could be nice if Airens can send answers to these questions too:

a) Is there a moment that struck you like a lightning and immediately made you a Seung Gi fan? keke If there is, please share!
b) If you don’t have that kind of moments, please share when and how and why you became a fan.
These answers will be complied in the video too.

6. Please send your message to

7. Deadline for sending: 22nd May 2012 .

Please feel free to ask any questions by mentioning @_ha_art at Twitetr or sending emails to

Thanks a lot!


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