This is my post in Haartism, my other blog. This post is both personal and both related to Korea. So I wanna post it in both 😀 Enjoy my current OBsessions (OB=Ojakgyo Brothers)



Ajussi! Secret becomes secret because no one sincerely listens to it. So I don’t want to keep anything in secret from you. I want to tell you everything, I can do that, right? I’ll really say it out… I really like you, ajussi. Sometimes I feel afraid and tremble, but I’m unable to stop it
– Jaeun (OB)


So here I am, writing about a Korea film for the first time, possibly a drama/movie for the first time. There were times in the past that a drama/movie struck me so badly that I wanted to write down my emotions, but it was never strong enough, or just the chance didn’t come.

I’m telling you about Ojakgyo Brother, shortly called OB by the fans, a Korean family drama that has typical components of a drama of the same kind. A family with lot of members, parents and children, grandparents and…

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