Airen Vietnam, the first official Vietnamese fansite of Lee Seung Gi

So Airen Vietnam is coming to its 100 days!

So fast since the day I and Yoon decided to create the forum, heading into a new war of code, box, rank, etc LOL

I am myself amazed by how the site has developed; now we have more than 300 members and 3000 posts! Can you believe it? ^^. Although many members don’t show up much after signing in and a lot of posts are just one-line posts, I still consider it as a sweet succeed. Also, we released 2 Vietsub episodes of 1Night 2 Days already 🙂

That’s more than enough for me. I experienced my first admin job and first offline meeting LOL

Airen Vietnam, you know that I love you to death; but I don’t know how to describe rather then shouting here and there sometimes in our sweet “Shout out” topic!

Any Vietnamese fans who haven’t known about the site, please visit at or to talk, share and hang out as well ^^. International fans please visit our English land, we’re always ready to chat in English with you  >_<

Welcome everybody!

Haart – admin of Airen Vietnam



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  1. Chào các bạn

    June 5, 2014 at 8:20 AM

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