There are tragedies that should not be mentioned again. All media today starts to talk about Sewol again, and I am crying reading these in the morning.

It just hurts.


September, oppa, is always a time worth remembering. The sweet and sour September, how can I ever forget every September of my life, especially when you are always there.

4 years ago, a girl got to know you. She began with a broken heart, then later received a healed heart. I couldn’t deny you stand behind some very important decisions of mine, probably one of the most important ones in my life up to now. So is the one in September 4 years ago. If meeting you is not my destiny, I’m fine thinking that God just dropped you to my life unintentionally. He has unintentionally done something good, real good! The time I know you – the past 4 years – has been so life changing; and I did not regret any minute spent for you and my Airen buddies.

4 years is not a long period of time, but long enough to nurture an unbeatable position in my heart. Sometimes I thought I was over you; but then I realized I am just not in favor of the new you. Maybe because every fan is selfish in their own ways. When you got more and more popular, part of me was happy, but part of me was wanting the old shy cute you back. To be back to the time when you seemed to belong only to a few, not the masses.

Is it strange if I am thinking of buying a ticket to your concert and coming all over to Korea again? Well, sounds strange to me indeed. But I think I really miss you, oppa. Miss you so much that the above idea suddenly seems not so strange anymore.


Gu Family Book haart – made poster


Even I was a bit terrified by Suzy’s acting in Big which I caught only some first episodes, I couldn’t deny the thought that Seunggi pairing up with someone much younger than him cheers me up. And even I’m not a fan of sageuk + fantasy drama, I am hoping the best that Seunggi will be successful with this new experience.

So cheer for the upcoming drama:
(It’s so long since I last made a poster like this for Seunggi. Miss that time!)

GFB 1 photo Untitled-1.jpg

GFB 2 photo beastly.jpg

Please take out with credit. Thanks!

Happy 27, Seunggi oppa

Lee Seunggi (6)

Seunggi oppa, today is your 27th birthday and I didn’t do any celebration nor join any party with Airens.

You can say that love fades away, that I have let the memories of you and Airens swept away among busy days.

But I’m happy that I’m moving on, oppa. I was so afraid of the time when you were the driving force behind every of my steps. I remembered choosing that graduation thesis topic because of you, trying to go to Korea because of you, planning to learn Korean because of you, saving money because of you. I had the feeling that I was losing the control over my own damn life. And sometimes, I knew I’m not moving forward at all, I was trying to turn my back to the reality of life. When I was having no particular goal for my future, you were the one I hang on for reasons.

But I know what I will regret the most if someday I happen to leave this fandom, it’s the warm love that Airens all around the world give me. I am loved, encouraged and cherished by so many cyber-come-true friends like never before. Some of them I had chance to meet, some of them not yet, maybe never. But that doesn’t change the fact that we shared a connection that overcomes the distance of continents. To me, very often, the line between Airen friends and real friends blurred. We can talk about life, study, work, love, depression etc. We exchanged private messages and secret emails when we run out of people to lend us one ear. We stand together to support one person and have the pleasure of spreading the love and multiplying the support.

And I’m sure you are proud of having wonderful fans like my wonderful Airen buddies, who stand their ground to protect what they love, not forgeting to respect other people and trying not to invade others’ territory.

On your 27th birthday, more than anything else, I wish you a happy life when you can smile your smile and get what you deserve to have.

Still lot of love from your fangirl ❤

Seunggi 8th Debut Anniversary Project


Dear Airens,

June is coming soon and Seung Gi will soon celebrate one more milestone in his career. It’s been 8 years since he first sang “Because you are my girl” on his first music stage. A lot of tears and joys have been shared since that day. And we, as Airens, know that how hard he has been trying to be himself in the past 8 years.

So, we would like to invite everyone to send a congratulating message to him on this special occasion, to let him know he’s loved and supported by Airens all over the world. The messages will be complied in a video and sent to Seung Gi in a USB.

Please send your message following the instructions below:

1. Messages could be from any Airen, individuals or fan clubs.

2. Message is limited to 40-50 words.

3. Please indicate your name and country when sending the message

4. Message in English or Korean could be sent in these forms:

a) plain text: not more than 40- 50 words
b) jpeg: landscape and no more than 1 file(You can send in any form, even in the body of the email is ok. The jpeg file is for fans who want to do the graphics for their message.)
c) video: no longer than 15 seconds

5. Together with sending the message, it could be nice if Airens can send answers to these questions too:

a) Is there a moment that struck you like a lightning and immediately made you a Seung Gi fan? keke If there is, please share!
b) If you don’t have that kind of moments, please share when and how and why you became a fan.
These answers will be complied in the video too.

6. Please send your message to

7. Deadline for sending: 22nd May 2012 .

Please feel free to ask any questions by mentioning @_ha_art at Twitetr or sending emails to

Thanks a lot!


This is my post in Haartism, my other blog. This post is both personal and both related to Korea. So I wanna post it in both 😀 Enjoy my current OBsessions (OB=Ojakgyo Brothers)



Ajussi! Secret becomes secret because no one sincerely listens to it. So I don’t want to keep anything in secret from you. I want to tell you everything, I can do that, right? I’ll really say it out… I really like you, ajussi. Sometimes I feel afraid and tremble, but I’m unable to stop it
– Jaeun (OB)


So here I am, writing about a Korea film for the first time, possibly a drama/movie for the first time. There were times in the past that a drama/movie struck me so badly that I wanted to write down my emotions, but it was never strong enough, or just the chance didn’t come.

I’m telling you about Ojakgyo Brother, shortly called OB by the fans, a Korean family drama that has typical components of a drama of the same kind. A family with lot of members, parents and children, grandparents and…

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[13.11.11] Photos of the day

Hi, finally “Tonight” arrives in my hand 🙂 It makes my day!
Can’t get enough of the vintage feel the album brings! Oppa, the songs really make me smile…


The gift-package includes:

1. Airen Vietnam Uniform, size L 😀

2. Jigsaw puzzle 38x50cm

3. Message book

Cover của message book

4.Airen Vietnam buttons

Background card

5. Lacquer cup with lotus – national flower of Vietnam

Please credit to Airen Vietnam and link your post to this blog if you re-post anywhere else! Thank you!
And below are photos from our dear Malaysian friends who helped us to send the gift as well as get a signature from Seunggi! Thanks a million, friends!


[20.4.2011] Photo of the day

Forgot to take the name of this photographer! But this photo has been inspiring me a lot!

Thank Seunggi and the flower stairs!

Red Converse

Just love this photo!
After seeing it, I wonder if I should buy a red Converse instead of the Airen-light yellow one I initially wanted! LOL